• YOGA/

    The bright and spacious yoga rooms with natural daylight is the ideal place to practice yoga and meditation with our wellness specialists.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor
  • GX

    Awaken your energy through exciting programs with our fitness specialists. The GX room is fully equipped for various fitness and Pilates classes, focusing on energetic workouts to strengthen your body and revitalize your mind. Group and private classes are available.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor

    Enjoy dynamic workouts and personal training sessions with the latest gym equipment and delicate coaching from our professional trainers.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor
    • OPERATING HOUR : 24 hours
      It can change depending on the upgrade of the coronavirus level.
    • FACILITIES :Treadmill, Bike, Rowing, Stepper,
    • Adjustable Bench, Flat Bench, Dumbbell, Shoulder Press,
    • Total Abdominal, Leg Extension, Leg Curl
    • INFORMATION : +82-33-560-1143
    • HOW TO USE IT : To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 infection, you can use it after filling out a safe call or visit list. Please wear personal sportswear and sneakers when using the fitness center.
  • Treatment

    The SPA offers a wide range of massage and skin care treatments for individuals and couples.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor
    • OPERATING HOUR : 9:30am – 10:00pm
    • (advanced reservation required)
    • PROGRAM : Massage, Skincare
    • INFORMATION : +82-33-560-1143
    Treatment Program

    Park Roche has collaborated with Ace Bed R&D Institute to offer its guests a sound sleeping experience. At the Sugam Lab, we carefully measure your body type and recommend individual bedding types for your stay. Body composition and stress level measurements are used to recommend personalized wellness programs and analyze their outcome with a scientific approach.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor
    • OPERATING HOUR : 9:00am - 6:00pm
    • PROGRAM : Body Measurement, Stress Measurement,
    • Personalized Mattress and Pillow Experience
    • INFORMATION : +82-33-560-1143
  • Library

    An open relaxation space where you can enjoy self-healing time reading and listening to music in a cozy mood.

    • LOCATION : 2nd Floor
    • OPERATING HOUR : 8:00am – 10:00pm
    • FACILITIES : Stress Less Chairs,
    • Books related to Wellness,
    • Literature, Travelling and Art
    • INFORMATION : +82-33-560-1143
Wellness Club Information
※ PARK ROCHE offers daily wellness experience programs including yoga, meditation, fitness, dance and therapy classes.
※ For your ultimate wellness experience, access to the Wellness Club is available for guests over 16 years only.
※ Please note that additional fees may occure for certain classes where indicated.
※ PARK ROCHE does not provide sportswear. Please bring suitable sports or fitness wear to attend the wellness program.