• Kim Sung Bo

    Wellness Manager

    Graduated in Yoga and Meditation from Wonkwang Digital University
    Master degree in Chiropractic of Graduate School of Integrated Medicine from Sun Moon University
    Director of Korea Yoga Alliance
    Chairman of Korea Martial Yoga Academy
    Released healing music album, 'Alpha Chakra vol.1'
  • Ha Yong Hee

    Wellness Team Leader

    Graduated in Journalism and Mass Communication from Korea University
    Pre-journalist of health division at Chosun News Press
    Pre-yoga instructor of FUN Fitness Center
    Pre-pilates instructor of Miyou Pilates Center
  • Park Eun Ji

    Wellness Team Leader

    Graduated in Yoga and Meditation from Wonkwang Digital University
    Certified Sports Instructor Grade 2
    Certified Senior Sports Instructor
    Pre-yoga instructor of Institute of Continuing Education, Ulsan College East Campus
  • Woo Dae Geun

    Wellness Coach

    Graduated in Northeast Asia Cultural Industries from Kwangwoon University
    Graduated in Yoga from Choon-Hae College of Health Sciences
    Pre-yoga instructor of guru-Kool, Silver well-being center in Choon-hae College of Health Sciences
    Won the 2nd award at the 2019 National Yoga Team Competition hosted by President of the Korean Yoga Association
    CEO of yuj; healing sound for body, heart and soul