Information on Art Works


Richard Woods

Richard Woods is a world-famous British artist well-known for using traditional woodblock techniques and applying them to walls as a second skin covering interior floors, walls and entire buildings. Inspired by the beautiful sceneries of Jeongseon, he has transformed mountains, white birches, leaves, rocks and stones into artistic patterns with exquisite and vivid colors, adding animation and originality to PARK ROCHE.

*The Curation of this Art Collaboration Project was performed by SUUM Contemporary Art Planning Office.

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Park, Chan-woo

Chan-woo, Park is a photographer who collects stones from every river and shore of the country and takes pictures of them in his studio.
In the rooms of Park Roche, you can experience his art works, which embody the true imagery of the small stones that shows that power and influence of time but does not expose it.

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