Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Article 1 - General Provisions
The “Park Roche Resort and Wellness“ (hereinafter the "Company") always considers the personal information of our customers as our top priority and complies with "the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information.”
The Company always notifies customers through the personal information (privacy) policy how the personal information provided by the customers will be used and applied, and which measures will be taken for the protection of personal information.
Should the need to revise the personal information (privacy) policy arise, the Company will promptly let our customers know about the updates through the official web site (or via some direct notification method).

Article 2 - Items of Personal Information which are Collected
The Company is collecting the following personal information items for registration as a member, consultation and application for services:
1. Essential items: Log-in ID, password, name, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile telephone, region of residence.
2. Optional items: Whether or not to receive advertisement e-mails.
3. Method of collection of personal information: Web page, written document, fax, telephone.
4. The Company may not collect any personal information which may clearly infringe upon the privacy, rights or benefits of the customer such as ideas, beliefs, previous medical history, etc, without any regulation or without the prior consent of the customer.

Article 3 - Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
1. Execution of the contract on provision of service.
2. Identification of the member according to the membership service, member management, personal identification, verification of the will of registration such as member, age identification, response for claims and complaints, delivery of notifications.
3. Utilization for marketing and advertisement, delivery of advertising information such as events, etc.

Article 4 - Period of Maintenance and Use of Personal Information
The Company immediately deletes all personal information after it is collected and its purpose fulfilled.

Article 5 - Procedure and Method of Destruction of the Personal Information
To put it simply, the Company immediately deletes all personal information after it is collected and its purpose fulfilled.
The procedure and method of deletion are as follows :
1. Deletion Procedure: If the customer deletes their member ID, requests the withdrawal of their membership, or when the purpose of collection of the personal information of the customer has been fulfilled according to a prior agreement, the collected personal information shall be immediately destroyed.
2. Deletion Method: All personal information stored electronically is eliminated with special technology that erases the file entirely and is irreversible. Personal information printed on any file or paper is destroyed by pulverization or incineration.

Article 6 - Provision of Personal Information
The Company may never provide the personal information of the users to any third party. However, the following cases shall be deemed as exceptions.
1. When the user has agreed to do so in advance.
2. When based on the regulation of the law or the request of an investigation institute according to the procedure and method regulated for the investigation.

Article 7 - Withdrawal of the Consent for Collection·Use·Provision of Personal Information
1. The customer may always withdraw their consent of the collection, use and provision of their personal information. The withdrawal of consent can be performed by clicking on the "Withdraw Membership" option or by contacting the personnel in charge of personal information management via e-mail, written letter or telephone. And in this case, the Company shall immediately take necessary measures, such as deleting personal information.
2. When the customer takes measures to delete their personal information by withdrawing their consent, the Company shall notify that fact to the customer according to the request.
3. The Company shall ease the method for withdrawal of consent (withdrawal of membership) more so than the method for collection of personal information.

Article 8 - Consignment of Processing of the Personal Information
The Company may consign the collection, storage, processing, utilization, management, elimination and other operations related to personal information of the customers (hereinafter "treatment"), to a professional third party enterprise for provision of better services, the convenience of the customers, and for a smoother performance of the operations.
Should the Company consign the treatment of the customer’s personal information to a professional third party enterprise, the information about the consignee is detailed as follows.
- Consignee: Basic Nine Co., Ltd.
- Consigned operation: Management of customers information and reservation system.
- Consignee: Frame-out Co., Ltd.
- Consigned operation: Website management and administration.

Article 9 - Rights of the User and the Respective Legal Representative and the Manner to Execute the Rights
The customers may exert the following rights to prevent any damage due to incorrect information by securing the accuracy and safety of the personal information in relation to the utilization and processing of the personal information.
1. Analyzation and Correction of Personal Information: The customers may always analyze or modify their respective personal information which are registered as member in the web site of the Park Roche.
2. Reception of Opinion and Solution of Complaints: We have established a section for the Park Roche website where the customers can present their opinions and complaints. Any customer who wishes to share a complaint in relation to the protection of their personal information or privacy, can present their opinion to the entity (personnel) in charge of personal information protection (regulated in the Article 12 below) through the Park Roche website, and when the information is received, it shall be reviewed, analyzed, and the proper actions shall be taken with the customer in mind. .

Article 10 - Personal Information Collection by Internet Cookies
The Company does not use any internet cookies, which frequently save and reference the user information.

Article 11 - Privacy Protection of the Children Under 14
The Company does not permit member registration for users under 14. However, should a case arise in which a minor’s information is somehow related to the contract, it is collected only after the agreement of the respective legal representative.

Article 12 - Application Service Related to Personal Information
The Company has designated the following department and entity in charge of the management of personal information, to protect the personal information of the members, and to respond to any complaint related to personal information.

Entity In Charge of Personal Information Management : Customers' Service Centre of Park Roche
Telephone : 033-530-1111

You can report to the entity in charge of personal information or to the department in charge, any of the complaint on the protection of personal information which may occur during the use of the Company's service.
The Company shall provide fast and sufficient answers for the reports of the users.

If you need to report any infringement of your personal information or require a consultation about a possible infringement, please inquire at the following institutions.
1. Personal Disputes Arbitration Commission (
2. Privacy Mark Certification Commission (
3. Internet Crimes Investigation Centre of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office (
4. Cyber Terrorism Response Centre of the National Police (

Article 13 - Consignment and Contract of Processing of the Personal Information
The Company shall never consign the processing of our customers’ personal information to any third party enterprise without the consent of the principal agent of the information.
The Company is consigning the processing of the personal information as follows, and regulates the matters necessary for the safe management of the personal information in case of any consignment contract according to the relevant regulations.

- Institution of Consigned Processing
Basic Nine Co., Ltd. (Management of customers information and reservation system)